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IAAIS membership provides an opportunity for audio information personnel to interact and network with colleagues around the world. The association offers forums where services of all sizes can learn from each other and a means to support common issues. Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran, IAAIS can provide assistance.

Benefits include:

  • Program Share online exchange

  • Annual conference: member pricing 

  • Monthly membership phone calls

  • Membership directory

  • Content Depot access

  • Updates on critical issues

  • Closed facebook conversation group

  • Discounts on audio equipment and podcasting services

  • Annual program awards

  • Programming assistance

  • Mentoring

  • Library and archives

Take advantage of 40 years of experience in the audio information field.  For information,  call 800-280-5325 or email


Membership Levels:

Full Member (Voting):  is available to Audio Information Service organizations. Full Members are entitled to all services, rights and benefits of IAAIS.

Affiliate Member (non-voting):  is available to an Audio Information Service organization that is a subsidiary of a Full Member or has as its parent organization a Full Member.

Associate Member (non-voting): is available to any individual or organization sharing an affinity for the Purposes of IAAIS.

IAAIS Membership Form
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